About Cresswell

About Cresswell Barn Farm and Campsite

Hello, my name is Fiona Elliot and I have been running Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite since 2010.

Cresswell Barn Farm is a working farm, my husband Ian and both our children Patrick and Tessa work with us in the day to day running of the farm from planting through to feeding the animals to harvesting the potatoes. Altogether we make up the Elliott family.

The Elliot family, Tessa, Patrick, Fiona and Ian

As a family we have been living at Cresswell Barn Farm for 40 years. We have raised a family here working the land growing crops to feed Pembrokeshire and beyond.

When you pick up the phone to book a pitch at Cresswell Barn Farm you will most likely speak to either me, or maybe to Pops.  At 96 he is probably the oldest receptionist working in West Wales.

Pop's, Creswell Bank Farm receptionist

Pops… on the phone

He loves speaking with guests when they call to book and will always try to find a pitch for you in Bridge or Upper Meadow.

We also employ several skilled farm staff who help us plant, grow and harvest 400 acres of potatoes to supply supermarkets throughout Wales.  If you have bought Pembrokeshire potatoes from your local supermarket, then you have probably eaten ones that were grown here on the farm.

A Brief History of the Farm

Rumour has it that the farm was won on the turn of a card back in the 19th Century, when the Lawrenny estate handed over ownership to the Cresselly estate and the rest is history.

Old map of Cresswell Barn Farm

1888 map of Cresswell Farm

As a family, we purchased the farm with 130 acres of land from the Cresselly Estate in 1977.  Over the years, we have purchased other fields in the area and now have over 240 acres.

The Farm Today

Our main crop is Potatoes, we currently farm 400 acres which is spread across the south Pembrokeshire area.  It is hard work for the farm workers but it is very satisfying to realise that we are feeding so many people across the UK.  You will find our Pembrokeshire potatoes in Sainsbury’s and Aldi so look out for our labels in these shops and others.

As well as potatoes, other crops grown to build fertility in the land for the potatoes are wheat, oilseed rape, corn and mustard.

I have a small farmhouse garden where I love to grow seasonal produce for my family and for sale in the farm shop.

There are a few chickens which provide fresh free-range eggs for our kitchen and for the campers who visit Cresswell Barn Farm campsite.


Cresswell Barn Farm 2017

Cresswell Today


As you would expect we have a few animals on the farm.  My daughter Tessa and I both enjoy horse riding.  After being mad on ponies and representing Wales at various times from the age of 8 to 20 in the Working Hunter class, her desire to continue has taken her into the world of show jumping.  This takes her and her horse Hugo far afield to various equestrian centres all over the UK.

We have 4 horses in total and if you are up early in the morning you will see the two of us heading out from the farm gates and taking an early morning ride around the area.  Both the horses, Tessa and myself getting a little exercise before the day starts.

We also have Jasmine, Tessa’s first pony who at 25 years old has come back to us for retirement, and Orange, a skewbald (brown and white) pony who is in foal at present, so we are looking forward to a new addition in May this year.  You can see them grazing in the top end of the Upper Meadow.

In the winter, we have flocks of sheep from a farmer in Lampeter who sends his ewes to graze the fields before lambing.

In the summer, we have up to 180 young heifers grazing our grass fields until late September when they return to the herd before calving.

Our lives are certainly busy, but we love living in such a special place and sharing it with you is part of the joy of working and living in Pembrokeshire.

The Campsite

I started the campsite in 2010 after we had a lot of people stopping in the farm shop and asking if they could stay on the farm.

After seeking permission, we installed showers and toilets, electric hookup points, drinking water, washup facilities, waste disposal, and so on.  Each year we have added new facilities, made small changes and improved the site so that your stay with us will be comfortable, enjoyable and stress free.

Camping and Caravanning Club Certificated Campsite

Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite is a Certified Site

Creswell Barn Farm has been a Camping and Caravanning Club Certificated campsite since we started.  We work to their guidelines and maintain the high standards of the organisation to ensure that you have the prefect getaway at Cresswell whether in your tent, campervan, motorhome or caravan.  We’ve welcomed all sorts of campers over the years, from cyclists carrying tiny tents and everything else they need on their bikes and backs, to converted horseboxes, families travelling in bus conversion homes as well as the whole variety of vintage and modern campervans and motorhomes to swish caravans with every luxury you could imagine.

We would look forward to meeting you so why don’t you give us a ring and book a few days at Creswell Barn Farm this year, 2019.