Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite 2018

Cresswell Barn Farm campsite June 2018
June 2018 at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite
July 2, 2018
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February 16, 2019
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Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite 2018

Campers enjoying the good weather at Bridge Meadow, Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite Pembrokeshire

Idylic spot for camping in Pembrokeshire at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite.

Heatwave, cockapoos and lots of people enjoying the tranquillity of the meadows at Cresswell Barn farm Campsite in 2018.  At a time when everything was about Brexit, escaping to Pembrokeshire and away from the daily trudge of work and life was high on the agenda.  The visitors flocked to our little campsite at the edge of the Pembrokeshire National Park to get the sun, sea, sand and lots of walks for all the family.

The Early Summer

After a cold start 2018 the year turned out to be one of the warmest summers for 30 years.  Those who made the journey from far and wide found the sun and sand that is usually reserved for the Mediterranean.  In fact, it was warmer in Pembrokeshire than some of the more noted locations on the Iberian Peninsula.

Before the school holidays we greeted many couples, who had taken a few days off to enjoy the scenic beaches and relax next to the ambling Cresswell River.  At weekends families arrived to make sure they had some of the fantastic sun.  It was great to see so many enjoying the river, fields and wildlife that lives in the meadows of Cresswell.

The buttercups were the best we had seen in several years and we counted the largest number of orchids and meadow flowers in a long time.

Bookings for the school holidays filled up fast, as they have done over the last few years and we worked hard to make sure that we could accommodate everyone.

One brought a big screen TV and a satellite receiver.  They set it up in Bridge Meadow to enjoy the excitement of the World Cup.

Watching the world cup at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite - England Score!

Watching the world cup at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite – England Score!

We also welcomed a group of campers who are keen on Cockerpoos. The whole of Bridge meadow was filled with these lovely dogs and their owners.

Cockerpoos and owners at the beach in Pembrokeshire

A day out at the beach for the group of Cockerpoo owners staying at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite. (C) Julie Long

Topping the meadows

In mid-July we topped out the meadows, hay making. The scene was captured in a few photographs by one of our regular visitors.

By the end of July, the sun was still shining and the fields were full of campers enjoying their summer holiday in Pembrokeshire.

By day they would be out and about exploring the wilds of Pembrokeshire beaches and by evening they were around the BBQ’s creating a wonderful aroma of exciting meals being created to feed the hungry adventurers.

BBQ ready for the evening meal at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite

Cooking the evening meal at Cresswell Barn farm Campsite Pembrokeshire.

Come to Cresswell Barn Farm campsite in 2019

It is now Free to come to Wales the toll on the Severn bridge was removed in December of 2018.  Don’t spend your time queuing on the M5 to Cornwall turn onto the M4 and make your way to Pembrokeshire.

Quieter beaches, quieter roads and lots more to see.

Book now – Call Fiona on 01646 651300 or complete a camping enquiry form.

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Campers at Cresswell Barn Farm campsite in Pembrokeshire.