Enjoying Your Stay

Enjoying your stay in 2023

Facilities at Cresswell Campsite

Please refer to the map to identify the location of facilities for campers.

There is no additional charge for showers or hot water.

Next to the farmyard

Walk across the meadow on the camper’s path to the facilities block, on the right adjacent to the farmyard.  The furthest two doors are entrances to:

  • A Family washroom, with shower, and a toilet cubicle with washbasin, with additional space for changing, perfect for families who need a bit of extra room to spread out.

And a larger room which houses:

  • Two shower cubicles with changing space
  • A toilet cubicle with hot water washbasin


  • A washing machine for camper’s use, charge £2 per wash, including washing capsule.
  • Fridge freezer for those who do not have their own facility, to keep your milk and other things cold, and for freezing your own cool-packs.
  • Power points for hairdryers or phone charging and similar.
  • A drying room space, with lines for hanging up wet gear or washing to dry.
  • Also, there are a few seats for your comfort if you are waiting, magazines and book exchange or borrow.


Campsite information is here, including any notices of current updates or essential info.

  • Leaflets for activities and attractions in the local area.
  • Maps – we respectfully request you do not remove maps from this area as they are for the use of all campers.

Upper meadow

At busy times during the summer an additional ‘Portaloo’ toilet is situated near the gate of upper meadow.

Next to this is a waste and recycling area – please separate your recycling wherever possible.

Bridge meadow

Alongside the gate entrance there are:

  • A hot water washup facility under cover
  • Waste and recycling area
  • Black waste and chemical disposal (please see waste and recycling)

Drinking water

Drinking water points are situated next to the washup in Bridge Meadow with a further two taps along the hedgerow near to pitch 3 and 5. There is a further tap in Upper Meadow near to pitch 8. (see map).


Waste and Recycling

Waste collection

There are two waste collection points, one in each meadow near the gates.

Waste is collected daily, please keep your waste to a minimum and separate recycling whenever possible and deposit your waste in the bins provided.

Your pitch

Everyone likes the area around them to be clean and free from litter so please keep the area around your camping pitch clean.  Please do not drop rubbish on the ground and in particular avoid dropping food as this can attract or endanger wildlife.

Chemical disposal

A chemical disposal point is also provided, situated next to the waste collection in Bridge Meadow.

Please note: Only use Green chemicals in your toilet system, we now operate a green only chemical waste facility and we only accept green chemical waste at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite.  This is better for the environment and will ensure your stay does not affect the local environment.

Please ensure that you use the designated disposal point to service any porta-potty or green chemical toilet waste you may have in your units.  Please do not dispose of any chemical waste, blue or green, in any other toilet facilities including the portaloo which is situated in Upper Meadow at busy times.


We try our best to be kind to the local and wider environment so would request that you avoid the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment, particularly ones that contain formaldehyde (blue) or other harmful chemicals.  These damage the ecosystem that breaks down waste in cess-pits. Environmentally friendly replacement chemicals are now widely available.


Dogs (and other animals)

We welcome dogs at Cresswell Barn farm and have a quite a few resident dogs ourselves!


Please ensure that we know that you are bringing dogs or other animals when you book.

Care and Control

Your dog must be under control at all times either on a lead or under your close command.  Even though you (and we) love dogs remember that this is not the case for everyone, particularly children so please be considerate to other campers.

If you need to leave your dog unattended on the site for any reason or length of time, please consider the welfare of the dog and your neighbours.

Drinking Water

We find that most dogs like to drink from the stream and river.  The water is clean and it is safe to let them do so if you wish.  However, as the tide comes in the river water may become a little brackish (salty) so ensure that your dog has fresh water provided at all times.

Exercise and the ‘call of nature’

The lower half of Bridge Meadow is a large open grassy area designated for exercising your dogs.  For the safety and comfort of everyone, please clean up after them straight away and dispose of waste in the waste bin provided.

Please do not exercise your dogs near other campers.  In particular, try to avoid at all times allowing your dog to ‘answer the call of nature’ in the camping areas or near to your or other campers’ pitches.  You would not want to pitch a tent or eat your dinner where a dog had recently relieved itself, and neither do others.  We make every effort to ensure that the camping fields are a clean and pleasant environment for everyone, particularly where children play.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Other Animals

If you wish to bring any other animals on your camping trip, please check with us that it is appropriate before doing so.  We have had campers with cats, rabbits and other small pets.  Our concern is first with the welfare of the animals and also of course consideration to other campers.

Regretfully, we are unable to accommodate visiting horses at this time.


BBQs and Fires

There’s nothing like food cooked in the open air, so do enjoy barbequing whether over charcoal or gas if you prefer.

Taking care of the meadows

If you are using a charcoal BBQ please make sure to avoid burning the grass, BBQs should be raised up off the ground on legs or similar.

Open fires create that magical atmosphere, especially in the dark, gather round and toast marshmallows and warm your toes on chilly evenings.  Please only use a fire pit or similar to keep your fire off the ground, and do not make open fires on the ground as it will damage the grass and create hazards for your party and others.

Fire Pits for hire

Fire pits are available for hire at just £5 per night, logs and kindling are available for £5 per tray. You can also buy logs from us for your own fire pit.  While it is fine to collect twigs or branches that have fallen to the ground to use as kindling or fuel, please do not cut or snap any branches from trees, even if they appear to be dead!


Safety first as always, ensure that your BBQ or fire pit is at a safe distance from any flammable materials, and look out for overhanging branches.  It’s a good idea to have a water bucket or damp cloth at hand so that you are able to deal with any problems quickly.

Disposable BBQs, while they are cheap and easily available can create hazards for others, so if you use one please do not place it directly on the ground where it can be accidentally stepped on or burn the grass.


The morning after a fire or BBQ there is the job of clean-up.  Please ensure that any ashes or detritus from the fire is completely cold, pouring water on it if necessary.  take the waste ash to one of the metal bins provided at the recycling station in each meadow.   Please do not dump ashes in the hedgerow, under trees or in the river.

Fireworks and sky lanterns

Please do not use fireworks or sky lanterns at any time.  While it may seem like a little harmless fun, this is the countryside and untold damage to the environment, flora and fauna can occur.  They are a danger to crops and can be terrifying for livestock and animals.


Music, Noise and Lights

Cresswell Barn Farm Camping and Caravanning Club Certificated site is a designated quiet campsite, a hideaway, a place that people come to be quiet, away from the noise and bustle of hectic everyday life.


To maintain this idyllic atmosphere, we would request that you do not play music that can be heard outside whether radios, stereos, mp3s or similar, during the daytime or especially at night. If you have music or tv inside your unit, please ensure that it is not at a level that will disturb others.


It is fine if you wish to quietly strum your acoustic guitar (or other acoustic instrument) around the campfire or on your pitch, adding to the ambience of the area, but drums or loud jamming sessions are not encouraged!  No amplified or electronic instruments are permitted.

General Noise

While the sounds of laughter and children playing is a delight, most people do not appreciate persistent raucous behaviour so bear this in mind when supervising your children’s play activities. Voices can carry across the open spaces where there is little background noise to drown them out, so be aware to preserve your peaceful surroundings. In particular, as darkness approaches and finally falls, so should a quiet calm fall over the meadows.  If you listen out for them, tawny owls and foxes can be heard at dusk calling across the valley.

As with all Camping and Caravanning club sites, between the hours of 10pm and 8am all noise should be kept to an absolute minimum.


Please remember this includes vehicles, it is easy to forget how loud the bang of a gate, or a vehicle driving across a field can be when the silence of the countryside is all around you.

Lights and torches

When the moon rises over the trees a magical glow illuminates the night and on a clear moonless night the stars appear in the sky, on very clear nights even the milky way is visible.  Unnecessarily bright lighting can cause disturbance to other campers, so please reduce or switch off any bright lights after dark, dim lighting should be sufficient.  Some campers like to use fairy lights or candles to create an atmosphere.  Reduce lighting to an absolute minimum after 10pm.

You will need a torch to cross the meadow on a moonless night, remember to keep torches pointing at the ground whenever possible, especially avoid shining them around and illuminating camping pitches or units, modern tents do not provide much protection from bright lights and no one likes to be woken from their sleep!


We value our campers’ friendliness and consideration for others everyone who stays here loves the peaceful atmosphere it creates.


The River

We’re very lucky to have the beautiful Cresselly river running alongside the camping fields, as well as a small stream that separates the two camping fields, crossed by a little footbridge, and by a shallow ford (for which you need wellies) joining the main river to form a natural pool

The river is clean, fast flowing at times, tumbling and rattling over river-worn pebbles, between banks covered with verdant natural vegetation that provides valuable habitat for wildlife

The Cresselly river is a tributary of the Cleddau that runs into the sea at Milford Haven.  The depth varies along its length, also as it is tidal, twice each day at varying times it gets substantially deeper, then as the tide recedes so the river falls.

Campers have been known to paddle and play in the water (including the grown-ups), wild swim and even kayak all the way to Lawrenny and beyond.  As with any water activities, please be careful and ensure you supervise children at all times.

Fishing is not normally permitted as the rights are owned by the Cresselly Estate, so special permission must be sought, even if you are a holder of a fishing licence from Natural Resources Wales.


Safety and Security

We want you to enjoy a stress free peaceful holiday at Cresswell Barn Farm and take every precaution we can to ensure your safety and security.


This is a working farm.  Our main activity at present is growing potatoes and in particular at harvest time it is unavoidable that machinery, farm equipment and farm vehicles are active.  Please avoid the lane up to the farmyard, instead using the camper’s path across the upper meadow to access the facilities.

The facilities and farm shop are situated adjacent to the farmyard where vehicles, machinery and crop storage take place.  Please do not enter any area of the farmyard or buildings beyond the area immediately outside the facilities building and shop.  In particular please ensure that your children do not enter the farmyard.

The River

The river is one of our greatest assets, but where there is water and children there is always danger.  Please ensure that you supervise your children at all times and do not let them enter the water unattended, small children can drown in a just a few inches of water.

Flora and Fauna

If you live in a town or city, or have not visited the countryside much, you may not be familiar with the natural hazards that exist everywhere.  There are numerous plants that can hurt, including stinging nettles, brambles and thorns – the plants’ natural defence mechanisms – as well as countless plants that can do a lot of damage if eaten.  The rule of thumb is if you are not sure then don’t touch, and most definitely don’t eat!  Do not touch or collect any mushrooms or fungi, unless you are an expert they are very difficult to identify.

We see many foxes here and there are badger setts in the vicinity.  If you see a badger – usually only at night – do not approach it, it is simply going about its business, but they can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

The nuisance of flies and other biting insects that occur everywhere in the UK in summer is unavoidable.  Mostly they are just doing their jobs collecting food so please take a sensible approach, keep food covered especially sweet things that might attract insects on warm days.  As the river is fast flowing and tidal we do not particularly suffer from mosquitos or midges. Insect repellent and keeping your skin covered are the best defence if you are bothered by them.

Your Property

Cresswell Barn Farm is situated in a quiet rural area in the heart of Pembrokeshire.  Although we have never had an incident on the campsite and locally the crime rate is low, sadly, like everywhere today, it is not non-existent.

Please take care over the security of your property at all times.  Do not leave valuables such as money, mobile phones and other technology unattended or on view.  Lock vehicles and units if you are leaving the vicinity or campsite.

We pride ourselves on our friendliness here and making yourself known to the other campers – in particular those on your adjacent pitches – can help everyone to be familiar with who should and shouldn’t be on the campsite, helping to avoid any potential problems.

While we take every care possible to ensure your safety and security, it is ultimately your responsibility, if you have any concerns, please report them.

What’s available at Creswell Barn Farm Campsite

Pitches – 4-acre field plus 2-acre field 15
Hook-ups 10
Hot Showers  Yes
Toilets Yes
Fresh water  Yes
Wash up area Yes
Black waste disposal Yes
Waste disposal Yes
Recycling Yes
Drying room  Yes
Fridge Freezer  Yes
Farm shop – seasonal farm fare Yes
Free range children Welcome
Tents Welcome
Campervans Welcome
Caravans Welcome
Motor Homes Welcome
Well behaved Dogs Welcome
Peace and quiet Yes
Riverside pitches – booking required  Yes
Walks Yes
Local pub Yes
Good location for touring Pembrokeshire  Yes
Fire pits for hire  Yes

Phone and book your Farm camping holiday now

01646 651300 or 07814721099

Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite is a Certificated campsite