The first Dam of the year.

Arial photo of Cresswell Barn Farm
2017 Cresswell Barn Farm campsite – A few memories of a busy year.
February 3, 2018
Cresswell Barn Farm campsite June 2018
June 2018 at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite
July 2, 2018
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The first Dam of the year.

The water runs down the river

Mayday Bank Holiday at Cresswell Barn Farm 2018

After a long wet start to 2018, Easter came and went.  Finally, the sun has peaked its head out from the clouds on Mayday Holiday and the camping season has begun at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite.

Breaking all records across the UK in the 40nyears of the May Bank holiday Monday we were lucky to get a good dose of the sun and heat here in Cresswell.

Mayday Holiday

Friday 4th May in Pembrokeshire started grey and cloudy with the prospect from the weather forecast of the same over the long weekend we were not expecting too much warmth, at least we could look forward to a few days without rain.

On Saturday morning we were awoken to a cacophony of songbirds, blue sky and the sun shimmering down on the meadow.

Last minute calls from campers booked the few remaining pitches up quickly and by mid-afternoon there were families and couples from Sennybridge, Shrewsbury and Newport setting up, positioning their tents, camper vans and motorhomes around the meadows and hook-ups.

Barbeques and fire pits were lit and small children were playing games on the wide-open spaces, giggling and laughing as they chased balls and imaginary friends through the fast-growing meadow flora.

As I walked down to the site on Sunday morning, welcomed by another day of sunshine and warmth, I could see a few children building the first dam of 2018 – the Camping season has begun.

Logs for the Fire Pit

During the winter storms we lost one of the oak trees in the field and have had to cut the rest down.  Great news for those who like to hire a fire pit as we will have plenty of logs for those campfire experiences through the summer.

We have added a few new pages to the website for 2018 with more photographs of the campsite from last year.  They are reflections of a summer past and some inspiration of the one to come.  Have a look through the galleries, if you were here you may be in one.


Have you seen our Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite Facebook page?  Have you taken any pictures of your stay at Cresswell?  please post them on our Facebook page and follow it to find out what is happening when you are away. We would welcome any recommendations about the  campsite you would like to post on our page or on Google.

As part of the Camping and Caravanning Club for a number of years our profile is often the first time many see Cresswell, if you are a member of the CCC then please add your recommendations to the growing list we have on their website.

On the Farm

The wet weather has put us a little behind on planting for the 2018 potato crop, but fear not Ian, Patrick and the team have been working until 2:00am to get this year’s seed in and growing ready for the dinner plates in July.  This year’s salad varieties are Belana, Charlotte, Jazzy, Gemson, Lady Chrystal.  All great flavoured and perfect hot or cold.

One of our regular campers, has promised to share her way to cook these small perfectly formed salad potatoes on a barbeque and we have asked her to write a guest blog which will be out when we start to lift them in July.  I will update you as soon as the first earlies are in the farm shop.

Pops has had a bit of a year to date with a couple of falls breaking both hips.  He may not be answering the phone for a little while as he rests and recovers from his injuries.

Bookings on the campsite

We have had many bookings for the campsite this year to date.  many from returning campers and we look forward to greeting them as the summer progresses.

If you want to enjoy the relaxing spacious meadows and have your children play in the fields then complete the booking enquiry form.  There is always room for you and a warm Cresswell welcome.