The Sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hurray!

Mr. Ian Kerr-Bonner
Cresswell Barn Farm – The Elliott Family
February 24, 2019
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The Sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hurray!

Easter Campers at Bridge Meadow

Arriving at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite for the Easter break. The sun is shining and others are already here.

The sun makes a big show at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite in Pembrokeshire. Making a great start to the 2019 Camping season.

It has been a busy few months at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite and the sight of campers filling the meadows this Easter was a sign that all is well in Pembrokeshire.

On the Campsite

During the winter we have been checking all the facilities and adding a few extra treats for the 2019 season.

The first thing you will notice is the new signs at the entrance to the campsite and the new notice boards in each of the meadows.  These will have information for the campers arriving at the site, so check on them as you pull up.

In the shower block we have resurfaced the sowers in the large room with new tiles and fittings.  We had a big leak in the winter from some busy mice who chewed through the pipes.  Everything is now sorted, and the showers and toilets are looking all spick and span.

Tiled shower at Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite

Newly tiled shower cubicle ready for the fittings to go back in.

We have been lucky to date with the ash die-back that has spread across the country devastating the woods and forests across the UK over the last few years. Unfortunately, a few of our trees succumbed and we have had to call out the tree specialists to fell several of the ancient Ash trees that surrounded the meadows.  We are very sad to lose these magnificent plants.

Felled tree

What’s left of one of the Great Oaks that came down in the winter storm.

We also lost one of the great oaks at the far side of Bridge meadow in a storm in the winter.  We have put that to good use by making several log benches that have been put along the river and a few other places around the meadows.  So, when you see one, take a few minutes and rest your legs.  Take in the peace and quiet of the river and look out for the Kingfishers.  Please also give a little thought to the log you are sitting on; it is over 200 years old.  Planted when George III was on the throne, The French revolution was in full swing and George Washington was president of the USA.  It is the time that Milford haven was granted port status by royal assent.

Easter Camping.

There have been several early campers since the beginning of April, who have braved the cold nights to get around the locality before the rush of Easter holiday campers.

The brilliant weather this Easter has filled the campsite up for the first time. We already had several bookings and after the weather forecast indicated sun and warmth, we received many calls to get a pitch on the site.

We were delighted to have several regulars and welcomed some new campers to Cresswell who all enjoyed the great weather and peaceful relaxation.  The sound of children playing, laughing and giggling coming up the valley was wonderful, and I know that Pops would have been happy hearing the joy.

On Sunday evening we welcomed 5 cadets who were on their Duke of Edenborough silver course.  They had been walking all day to reach the site and were hot and exhausted after their trek. It was a delight to see them organise themselves pitch camp sort out their evening meal, washing up straight away after then taking advantage of the showers to freshen up then make plans for their final day on the trek.

They were between 14 and 17 years old and it was gratifying to see them so organised without parental supervision.

The following morning, they woke early, cooked breakfast, cleaned up and were setting off on their last days trek by 8:30.  I’m sure they will all receive their silver awards.

By the early evening all but two of the Easter campers were packed up and heading home.  A little suntanned and much more relaxed that when they arrived.

Staying for the week Gethin and the family had the whole site back to themselves until next weekend when they will be joined by others.

If you are looking for a short stay or longer holidays camping on Cresswell Barn Farm Campsite give me a ring.  We have several weeks where there are a few pitches available on the hook ups.

If you do not need electricity, we can certainly fit you in.  Ring me on 01646 651300 or 07814 721099 Leave a message if I am not available, I am probably taking food out to the fields to feed the workers or down on the campsite with the campers.

Alternatively you can complete the camping booking form in this website.

On the Farm

The dryer start to the year has been better than 2018.  This time last year we were waiting for the rain to stop to get the potatoes in.  This year Ian, Patrick and Tessa have been working long hours to get the fields prepared, ploughed, and planted.  Long days of 16 hours with long trips out to the fields in Angle have taken their toll on everyone and we are looking forward to an easier time in a few weeks when all the potatoes are in.  Then comes the long wait for them to grow.  Watching the weather and hoping for a good crop to feed the country.

Tessa has been busy over the winter, setting up the riding school with a growing number of local horse riders coming for lessons.

Bluebell is growing, not sure when she will stop with some friends saying she will be 16 hands by the time she is finished growing, a lot bigger than her mother!

I will post another update later in May so have a great end to Easter and we look forward to welcoming you to sunny Pembrokeshire later in the year.